Handyman Services

Sometimes we need to update or fix something – but just can’t find the time. When the need arises, contact the team at Property Revival to get the job done!

The Handyman Division at Property Revival is trained and experienced in handling a variety of home maintenance and repair items. If you are unsure of how to complete a project, or need a helping hand to get the job done quickly, you can trust our team to fix it fast.

Property Revival is proud to offer homeowners in the Paducah area an ongoing maintenance agreement for routine home updates and fixes. Our maintenance agreement includes routine changing of HVAC filters, ensuring smoke alarms are functional and routine changing of smoke alarm batteries, cleaning gutters, and more based on client needs. .

With our maintenance agreement, you can keep your home ready year-round with the top-notch services from Property Revival. Contact us today to learn more about this and many other high-quality services.

Team Photo2 - Handyman Services